General Volunteer Opportunity

dED exists to further untangle, expose, and end military partnerships within universities, to see that these unethical activities are redirected towards advancing world peace and sustainable development.  We do this using research, media, creative collaborations and technology to create a safe space for young people to get involved in peace progressions.

We want you to be an important part of the dED community.

Right now we are dED_ICATED to three core aspects of our organisation:
1. Social Media (dED Content Collective)
2. Research (dED Demilitarisation Model)
3. Community

We need your help in fulfilling our core goals with Social media, Community, Outreach, Marketing/PR, Admin, Fundraising, Writing, Research, Creative, Graphic Design

If you feel passionate about this and feel you can contribute with either of our core aspects above, please get in touch!

We look forward to hearing about your interest.

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