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About Us

Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester, first opened in 1890. It is the UK’s largest university museum with a collection of over 4.5 million items from every continent. Its combination of the academic and the popular is what makes the museum so distinctive and lies at the heart of its widespread appeal. @mcrmuseum

hello future is the £13.5 million project to transform Manchester Museum and maximise its potential to build understanding between cultures and a more sustainable world; with the vision to become the most inclusive, imaginative and caring museum you might encounter.

Plans encompass a beautiful, two-storey extension featuring an Exhibition Hall and South Asia Gallery, along with extensive transformation of many existing spaces and a new entrance, Lee Kai Hung Chinese Culture Gallery and Belonging Gallery.



We look forward to welcoming you to a bigger, more inclusive and more wondrous Manchester Museum in late 2022.

Volunteering at Manchester Museum

Volunteers are at the heart of creating enriching experiences for our visitors and enhancing the Museum’s work by contributing their time, enthusiasm and skills. Volunteers create opportunities to get up close to our collections, connect our programmes to diverse audiences and support the care and conservation of our collections. As we move towards our transformational hello future project, there will increased opportunities to get involved in exciting volunteer roles that will animate our new spaces and galleries.

If you are curious about being part of the museums volunteer team and would like to find out details of the next recruitment or further information; please get in touch at

Reading Nature’s Library opportunities

We’re partnered with some of the most prestigious cultural venues in Manchester.

  • Reading Nature’s Library

    Help Manchester Museum discover the treasures in its collection and help us unlock this information and release our collection’s potential. This is an exciting opportunity to volunteer from home with Read more…