John and Shirley Jackson

John: When we first became aware of what was happening I got talking to a local about how Stretford was years ago. He suggested that we get in touch with Friends of Stretford Public Hall who at the time were trying to save it from redevelopment. We’ve been involved since then, right from the outset.

I’ve done all sorts of odd jobs ,when I have a spare hour here or there I’ll turn up and tidy up the car park, cut the shrubs back. In the hall, it’s a case of if something needs doing, someone lets us know, and then we can get involved it’s nice to have somewhere to get out to for myself, where I have a purpose and give back to my community. .  I’ve met new people and made friends here,we’re happy to be having an active role in the regeneration of Stretford.

Shirley: Since we retired we have more time during the day when we can come in and do stuff as well as taking part in the activities here. There’s always things going on!

At Christmas we always run craft activities for locals as part of the Christmas Fair. It’s something that the grandchildren and my daughters can get involved in and help.  I’m good with a sewing machine so I’ve re-covered a lot of cushions for the Hall, and helped out with window displays and decorating the hall for various occasions. It’s something to do and I enjoy doing it.

It’s such a lovely listed building with good memories in it, it’s nice to be able to help in some way to make it a community place.The Hall gives me a purpose- I have activities I can attend and other opportunities where I can help out.

“The thing I like the most about volunteering here at the Hall is the community ethos”

John and Shirley Jackson • Stretford Public Hall Volunteer

Volunteering at Stretford Public Hall

Volunteers built our organisation from the ground up and play an active role in the day to day running of Stretford Public Hall.

Volunteers give their time and skills to a variety of programmes, such as Wellbeing Days, Community Choir, Community Cinema, Music Gigs and Arts Activities. Volunteers also have the opportunity to offer up particular skills or to get more involved in the strategic direction of the organisation through applying to be on the Board of Directors.

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